A Demonstration with Wine Tasting

Stephen & Anne
Wed 12 Jan 2011 22:13

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


What a day!!!!


At lunch time a group of 11 of us went off to the Vineyard for a winetasting. We had a good lunch and after a number of wines tasted we were all happily sat chatting away. Stephen was unable to attend as he was busy. About 5pm Stephen phoned to say we needed to leave due to demonstrations and riots in Nabeul and Hammamet the two towns along the coast from the marina. I immediately told the organiser and after a few other people got phone calls we hastily left.


The journey was pretty uneventful until we approached Barakka, the village before Yasmine Hammamet (where the boat is). There were young people across the road, the mini bus slowed down. As a gunshot rang out the minibus turned around and we sped off in the opposite direction. We had a rather long but uneventful detour and eventually managed to get back to the marina.


Around the marina it is very quiet tonight. All the shops and restaurants are closed. We are aware that many people have died in the unrest across the country and there is a curfew tonight. All the schools and universities are closed. The really bad bit of news is the carrefour supermarket was ransacked (the flat screen tvs went first apparently) and then burnt out. Guess that won’t be opening soon. At least we now have a healthy supply of wine!