Stephen & Anne
Thu 6 Mar 2008 10:34

37:04.630N 8:07.268W


Wednesday: Overnight it was very windy and nothing changed this morning. We got up to check the mooring lines. They were OK but we both would have been happier if we were a bit further back from the pontoon. We were being blown onto the pontoon, and as the wind was so strong there was no way to move the boat back. Although it was sunny with the wind it felt quite cool. We had a quiet day reading and watching DVD’s. The cats were convinced we were sailing with the boat bobbing round.


Thursday: After a quiet morning we started sorting out the anchor chain. We needed to mark the chain so that when we lay out the chain we know how much we have put out. We also needed to sort it out so that the first part of the chain in the locker was out of the way as we have more chain and thicker chain than Wanda used to have. We need to store the chain carefully so it doesn’t get caught while we are retrieving it. We also did a load of laundry as it was another good drying day (sunny with a slight breeze).



All our chain on the pontoon




The Wandering Dragon garden