Lagos: Plumbing for Dummies

Stephen & Anne
Mon 4 Feb 2008 22:19

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today’s task was a very simple one – remove the old shower drain hose and install the new one, also connecting the bilge hose to it as well. Confident we would be finished by lunchtime we started at 09:00 sharp!


After two hours of pushing, pulling, cutting and brute force the old hose was removed. We then had to drill a 25mm hole through the bulk head. No problem – I had the large drill bits. We even remembered to use the vacuum cleaner and wear masks to minimize any glass fiber dust. We drilled as deep as the drill bit and had still not gone through the bulk head….oh dear. We then measured the thickness of the bulkhead and realised drilling from the other side might just join the two holes together….maybe. However we couldn’t get the drill into the space on the other side. We stopped for lunch. We still have not learnt every boat job takes 10 times the time you think it will.


After lunch we went to watch the parade of boats. In the Algarve they celebrate the start of lent with carnivals and parades. The roller speed skating on Saturday was one of these events. Today it we the turn of the marina and 12 boats went out down the river dressed up for the parade. They then had a bit of a race in the bay. As we had started drilling holes today we didn’t join them for the parade.


This afternoon we re-planned where to drill the hole, ie somewhere we could drill through from both sides. Eventually success, one hole neatly drilled through the bulkhead. Stephen was then keen to start installing the pipes…..nothings going to stop him now (new finish target 17:00!).


Anne then pointed out we need to paint the inside of the hole to protect the fiberglass and wood core from any dampness. Stephen agreed. We also painted the shower tray as its fiberglass and really needed some more protection. Work stopped for the day while we wait for the paint to dry.


We then heard there was some post in the marina office. Our friends had posted some plumbing parts that we need to finish the sink (ie replace the bits held together with glue!).


Eventually we called it day and had our meal; Stephen watched a DVD while Anne read her book.


Procession of boats leaving Lagos all in Fancy Dress


Boat decorated as a pirates ship