Stephen & Anne
Sun 9 Sep 2007 20:16

50:48.644N 00:06.218W


Today’s Blog by Yoyo the cat.


Woke up this morning – no Tuna. Mum & Dad had a full cooked breakfast – still no Tuna. Tried to sunbathe on the deck and dream of Tuna but got disturbed by Mum & Dad installing the satellite phone aerial and cleaning the cockpit. I wouldn’t mind but they still didn’t give me Tuna!!


Me and my brother Koshka practiced the duel watch system ready for the next sail…we did it perfectly as you can see from the photo…but still no Tuna!!!!



In the afternoon I slept and dreamt of Tuna while Mum and Dad sorted out paperwork. Woke up this evening to cooking smells – but still no tuna.


Will I ever eat Tuna again? Maybe I need to work out how to get the fish I can see swimming around the boat…..the seagulls are looking more tempting.


A big motor boat has moored next to us…I bet they have tuna.


Must go now….time to dream of….ahhh tuna!!!!