Cagliari: A Bird in hand...

Stephen & Anne
Fri 10 Oct 2008 07:48

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


This weeks blog is by Yoyo as she had a really good week.


Mum and dad went out to a bar-b-que where they met a few new people. Duck man of Pyxis sent some real meat back home for me (it was pork, very yummy). Now I have the taste for real meat…..


The next morning another boat arrived and moored right next to us. Obviously wanting to make a good impression with our new German neighbours, I demonstrated how efficient I was at catching a bird that landed on the boom. Having real meat last night certainly motivated me for more. With one pounce I jumped from the deck and caught it in my mouth. Naturally I took it down below to show mum and dad – however I was rather disappointed in their reaction. They confiscated the bird – small, yellow and totally surprised by me J and let it fly free. Next time…


Later in the day the two children from Cape, Bethany and Bryn, came over to play with me and Koshka. We were both a bit tired so we mostly slept. Koshka let the children groom him which is quite unusual for him.


Mum and Dad have been socialising quite a bit. Dad met Dave and Lisa from Gyatso in the internet café. They knew we had been here but thought we would have long gone. We have a lovely evening catching up with them over a meal at our favourite pizza restaurant. They also had an evening with an American couple, Dan and Judi on their boat Koa. They were fed lots of lovely nibbles. The home made red pesto went down really well.


Mum and dad also went exploring the shopping mall with Duck man and Karen from Pyxis. They bought a job lot of ricotta cheese (it seems to be sold by the barrel load).


Otherwise mum and dad have been doing odd jobs around the boat and watching far too much of a DVD series Boston Legal.