Almerimar -> Cartagena

Stephen & Anne
Wed 14 May 2008 12:15

37.35.813N 0.58.799W


Today blog is by Koshka the jumping Ships Cat:


What can I say – we have at last found the perfect place where I could make friends with new cats, have a good fight with some others, jump around to exercise and, best of all, my annoying sister stayed down below. Then we had to move on. Worse than that it was a very rough start to the passage. Yoyo was sick quite quickly and I joined her – only so she didn’t feel so bad of course.


Yoyo went on deck during the day and was very naughty – she left the cockpit and went up to the front of the boat to be with Mum. She managed to scare herself as well as Mum and Dad – she then had to be carried back to the cockpit. She stayed down below for the rest of the passage. I got up during the night and wanted to try the same trick but Mum and Dad were on guard and I had to stay below.


The swell did get better during the night –Yoyo and I spent most of the time cuddling up to each other for comfort. It was a long passage leaving yesterday at 11am and arriving today at 9am.


We did nearly hit a couple of Navy ships as we entered Cartagena, one because Mum and Dad were admiring the pilot boat that was in front of one and the other as Dad did a quick turn to get to the correct marina. They seem wide awake now.


We have now moored in Cartagena and have started to explore the area from the safety of the boat. Mum and Dad got a bit of a shock having to do a UK style mooring along side a pontoon, instead of the usual Mediterranean style mooring (stern or bow to). That will teach them to buy all these new gizmos for Mediterranean style moorings.


We spent this morning cleaning ourselves, while Mum and Dad sorted the boat out.