Two Tree Bay -> Preveza

Stephen & Anne
Thu 22 Aug 2013 13:20

38.57.520N 20.45.363E


We were up early and set off for the Levkas canal. We had a lovely easy motor up the canal watching the fishermen fish.



Life on the Levkas canal


We arrived in Levkas a few minutes early for the bridge opening – so slowed right down and did a very slow circle. Behind us there were a couple of largish motor boats coming up – so we decided to let them go through first. Our logic was they would speed ahead as soon as the bridge opened and we didn’t want to be in their wake at close quarters. We then tucked into the line and slowly approached the bridge waiting for it to open. The siren went, the bridge opened and off we went.


All was fine until we were through the bridge – the large motor boat decided it was the wrong side of the buoys marking the rocks and was heading through them – straight for the rocks. Luckily he realised his mistake and so started reversing this meant all the boats behind him (us included) had to bunch up again and really slow down. The space we had to manoeuvre was very small. Somehow we all managed to avoid going aground or hitting one another.


Once out of the canal we breathed a sigh of relief and motored up to Preveza and arrived in the marina.



Wanda in Preveza marina – a slightly larger boat behind her!!