Lagos: Christmas has Arrived

Stephen & Anne
Tue 12 Feb 2008 22:31

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


We are finally planning to move on after 3 months in Lagos. However the winds are still high and blowing easterly, hence we can’t leave yet. We think we will be “stuck” here until the middle of next week.


The cats are unsettled due to the high wind as the boat is rocking about a lot – probably a good thing to help us all get our sea legs back.


Anne spent the day making our heads (toilet) windows have a frosted appearance so we don’t need to close the curtains all the time. She cut out some opaque plastic sheeting that holds on using electrostatic so there is no sticky glue to melt in the heat. She did the most awkward shaped window first; hopefully the other windows will be quicker to do.


Stephen made up his super T junction (picture below) for connecting the bilge and shower to one sea cock – it involves a couple of one way valves so no backflow occurs. He then explored the shower pump wiring as we want to make a few changes – the end result will be an automated shower pump with a manual override button.


At the end of the day Stephen bought a new gas cylinder. On the way back he checked in the marina office and there were two parcels for us. The first was our long lost Christmas pudding sent by Carl & T from Gibraltar before Christmas – it had clearly being travelling the world! We can now finish our Christmas day dinner. The second parcel were our presents (well actually a few hard to find chandlery bits we had ordered from the UK)


After unpacking we had dinner and watched a DVD.


Anne’s Frosted the Window…


Meanwhile Stephen played and created this…