Stephen & Anne
Sun 2 Sep 2007 19:01

52:02.01N 01:09.10E


As we have had complaints about the lack of blogging we thought we’d better make another entry.


Today we have been doing the last few jobs we need to do before we go sailing. Stephen woke up and strapped Anne in a climbing harness. Anne then woke up and got the hint that today was the day to climb the mizzen mast (the shorter one of the two) Anne successfully went up and down the mast (twice) and installed a new Echomax radar reflector - hopefully the Ferry’s in the channel will spot us now


  • Anne’s comments: “Next time I’m going to choose somewhere with a view. The bruises have started to appear and should be a talking point for people if I wear shorts. As I had to go up and down twice I have a feeling I may be on an enforced diet soon!”
  • Stephen’s comments: “Winching Anne was fine – it was the falling nuts and washers that made life interesting!”


Stephen has also been attaching the anchor locker lid while Anne recovered and started on a passage plan.


The cats have had a lazy day and been asleep most of the time – no doubt they will want to wander around the deck when it starts to get dark. Last night we got Yoyo back down into the cabin and put in the washboards and pulled over the hatch ready for bed. A few minutes later she had jumped out of the forward hatch which we had left open. I think she is settling in to life on a boat a little too well.