Gibraltar: Koshka's Story

Stephen & Anne
Mon 21 Apr 2008 19:11

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Koshka here - I have to blog for Sunday and Monday. Sorry I missed blogging yesterday but I was asleep all day so I’m not really sure what happened. Yoyo mentioned that mum and dad spent the day on the computer sorting out the anti virus program, writing emails and generally catching up with being lazy.


Sunday evening it stopped raining, so mum and dad went for a walk with those nice people from Rafiki. They are leaving tomorrow. After the walk they were invited back for a good bye treacle tart. I even let them groom me a bit.


During Sunday night mum and dad woke up as it was so quiet – no rocking, no rain, no wind. They couldn’t sleep … it was too quiet. Don’t worry, I slept through the night without any problems.


Monday the rain and wind stopped so naturally I celebrated the change in weather with a morning sleep. Mum and dad started slowly and reached a crescendo of activity by starting to replace the pipes in the forward heads. There was much naughty language that I didn’t understand and talks of sea cocks leaking and bailing out needed. I reacted calmly and slept. Yoyo spent most of the day on deck bathing in the sun. This evening mum and dad went out and treated themselves to a pizza for doing such a horrible job (actually dad had a pizza and mum had a giant fish cake). They gave us some tuna so we are both happy as well.


Rumor has it the “duck man” is coming to Gibraltar to feed us some duck – you know who you are and we know you read the blog so please don’t disappoint me and Yoyo J