Lagos: Curtains XP SP2

Stephen & Anne
Tue 4 Dec 2007 10:01

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today was another warm bright sunny day here in Lagos.


At 10am we headed to Bar South, no not for a drink… was for the “computer users” meeting. It reminded us both of being back at work, so we don’t think we’ll be going back to that meeting again. Maybe we should have had a drink!


We then walked to the Marina office to see how much longer we could stay in this berth. The answer was that they really didn’t know but they have another berth ready for us. The berth we are in is a permanent berth for another boat, however it is out of the water having some work done. Its good to know boat yards the world over are the same and once the boat is out of the water it will stay dry for far longer than you think.


Once we got back to the boat it was back to curtain making. Curtain #4 was put up (really it’s only curtain #2 as we need to remake 2 others). We then made a template for curtain #5 (the most difficult one as this window opens and so has hinges and handles to negotiate). While Anne cut out material for three curtains, Stephen started getting cleaning the boat and preparing canapés for the evening. We’d invited Bev & Alan from the other Oyster for drinks. Having run out of onions Stephen had to pop over to Pyxis to “borrow a cup of sugar” as it were, and invited them over as well.


This evening we decided it was time to put up the Christmas tree and lights and ensure our guests felt it was Christmas by playing those classic xmas CD’s. The colour changing LED lights stopped “colour changing” part way through the evening. They gave the disconcerting effect of making you `think they were changing colour subtly. (or maybe it was the effect of the wine!!). Once they were switched off and back on again it became obvious they had got stuck and they then started behaving correctly.


Koshka &Yoyo are enjoying the warm sunny weather and have settled in well. Most days they sit out on deck “sunbathing”, occasionally moving into the shade when they get too hot. Once the sun starts to go down they go off to explore the boat next door.