Calo de s´Oli (Formentera)

Stephen & Anne
Sat 26 Jul 2008 19:01

38.43.782N 1.24.155E


Yoyo here.


Well yesterday I could understand the bobbing around during the day as we sailed but it continued overnight. Usually when we get somewhere the bobbing stops then the nasty engine noise stops. Yesterday the nasty engine noise stopped – but not the bobbing. Koshka and I went to check if we were actually sailing – but no – we had stopped. We stayed in the bay all night. Mum and Dad kept getting up in the night to check we hadn’t moved too far.


Anchoring has it’s good and bad points. Good – it means Koshka and I are allowed out all night … Bad – we can’t actually go anywhere. Bad – we are bobbing around all the time and I don’t get any tuna. Good – the boat faces the wind all the time so the boat is cooler (this means I feel like eating more tuna).


Anyway – we’ve spent the day at anchor – not really doing much – the boat keeps rocking and Mum, Dad and Koshka are not feeling too good. I’m definitely the bestsailor out of all four of us!!!! I wonder if I get extra tuna for the privilege?


This evening the nasty engine noise started again. The anchor was raised and we moved, not very far – just across the bay onto a mooring buoy. Mum and Dad are now much happier. It’s a little bit more sheltered and so not quite as bumpy.


Dad is disappointed with Formentera – it is meant to be a nudist paradise although Mum did see a naked man driving a boat!