Cagliari: On the Buses

Stephen & Anne
Fri 24 Oct 2008 16:06

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


After having such a good time riding the bus to the beach we decided to explore more of Cagliari by bus. We also had an ulterior motive of trying to find a wallpaper table so we could start work on replacing the vinyl headlining, more on that later.


First of all we headed off to the DIY store we found a few weeks ago. No wallpaper table there. We then went off on various buses to see if we could find anymore “out of town” DIY stores. After a long bus ride we found one, but having been out all day we decided to visit it another day.


The following day we set off with Richard form Pyxis to explore the DIY store and new supermarket. We also needed a “quick” stop at the Telephonica Italia shop on the way to change our 3G card from Vodaphone as we were having lots of problems. To cut a very long story short, we arrived at the shopping centre 4 hours later – getting the wrong bus and a bus strike all added to our daily “fun”. Oh – we still didn’t find a wall paper table but after a second trip the following day we now have a new 3G card from Telephonica Italia.


This weeks activities have been dominated by replacing the vinyl on the headlining. The boat has been in absolute chaos with the interior “ceiling” removed from some of the saloon, galley and chart table areas, stripped and re-vinyled. We need a flat table for applying the vinyl (hence the search for a wall paper table). We have decided to use some tables from the marina instead.


We also took the opportunity to install LED lights in the heads and we now have the wiring installed in preparation for more lights in the saloon.


Fun activities with Bethany and Bryn (the children from Cape) involved Pancakes and sizzling bananas cooked for everyone. We also found a good local pizza takeaway with Richard & Karen.


The weather has generally been very good however we did have one very large thunder and lightening storm that lasted about 5 hours.