Souda Bay -> Elounda, Crete

Stephen & Anne
Fri 23 Sep 2016 10:18

35.16.142N 25.43.457E


We spent the afternoon in Souda bay checking the weather forecasts. Eventually we came to the conclusion we needed to move on that evening. So at 18:00 up the anchor came once again.


We motored overnight along the north coast of Crete. We had to go through a Submarine Practice area. On our charts it recommends keeping a good look out, this was a little challenging in the dark. We had AIS and Radar on, so hopefully any subs knew where we were. Anne did learn something new on the radar,  we pick up aircraft at a certain altitude. As the aircraft were lining up for their approach into Chania airport they would appear on our Radar screen.


It was a quiet night with only one detour to avoid a ferry entering Heriklion. The moon caused Anne a bit of a surprise as it came up over the horizon and she mistook it for a large ship for a brief second or two.



The moon


We arrived in Elounda  about 11:00. On the way into the bay we passed Spinalonga island. We hope to explore that in the next few days.