Cameret Sur Mer

Stephen & Anne
Tue 18 Sep 2007 19:31

48:16.75N 4:35.36W


Today started of with a typical French breakfast, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, fried mushroom, toast and coffee from Costa Rica. (Maybe we haven’t totally embraced the continental way of life yet!!!)


We then stuck our heads in the bilges for a second day. Anne found more grit, plastic tops, nuts, wires and some paper! Yoyo found the bilge water and more small holes to explore. Vote now for the cat most likely to a) get oily b) get lost on the boat c) get trapped in a cupboard (clue – Koshka slept all day)


We wired in our spare bilge pump for under the engine. We decided to test it before we fitted it properly, good move as it failed after a few minutes. So off we trotted into town to buy a replacement and hunt for lunch. We had a typical French lunch of a French tart (that Stephen loved)…..from the local patisserie.


We failed to fix the pump under the engine by the end of the day, which means we can’t cross the bay as planned tomorrow. We now need to wait for the next weather window to appear.


On a positive note we fixed our main bilge pump and found it was joined in the middle with no clips (so it could have come apart at any time). We have now replaced it with one continuous section of pipe (and no we still don’t know the French word for “13mm reinforced plastic pipe” but our miming skills are brilliant!).


Its time now for more wine…..