Denia: Bull Running

Stephen & Anne
Sat 5 Jul 2008 23:17

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


After a hectic week of sorting out the boat we rewarded ourselves with a more relaxing day. We did a few odd jobs but saved our energy for the evening.


This week is Fiesta week in Denia. Tonight was bull running through the town. The streets are lined with tall slatted wooden barriers which we perched on top off waiting for the bulls. Anne complained that a lot of people with red t-shirts were sat around us! A firework signaled the bulls being released and the sight of people further up the street either trying to climb the barriers or running away from the bulls signaled their arrival. There were 5 agile bulls running and one slightly larger bull (it looked more like a cow with horns stuck on it’s head)


After the bulls running through the town we followed the crowds to the makeshift bull ring for the “Boas de la mer”. The bull ring is three sided of a square the fourth side is the marina. The idea is for one of the many contestants to get the bull to fall into the sea. We stayed and watched for a while – the Bull was staying firmly on terra firma  - in fact he looked much happier once he had “had a go” at one of the contestants (he appeared to be OK although rather badly shaken after the attack). Our expert opinion is never turn your back to the bull!!! When we say “contestants” it was really a free for all. We were under the main seating of the ring where there were bars protecting us from the bull – but it was designed to be easy to slip through the bars into the bull ring. So basically anyone (over 16) could have ago. Due to the squash of people in the bull ring our photos failed.


We left before any more humans or bulls got injured and headed back into town for a beer and to soak up the fiesta atmosphere in town.


The bull running in the streets of Denia


I wonder if the red stripes on the road are making the bull cross J