Stephen & Anne
Wed 2 Jan 2008 22:29

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today life returned to normal after New Years day.


This meant it was curtain making for Anne. Meanwhile Stephen did the morning CH77 broadcast, cleaned the boat, followed more pipes (it amazing how many we have) and sorted out and cataloged yet more spares.


For the cats it meant Koshka sleeping, albeit rudely interrupted by the vacuum cleaner, and Yoyo exploring more bilge areas as Stephen followed the pipes.


Stephen decided that Anne liked sewing, and hence went along to Pyxis and came back with their sewing. Karen’s favorite cafetiere jacket needed the Velcro re-stitching. Anne decided to do a professional job and replace the worn Velcro. Karen seemed very pleased and even I was impressed. You see buying 100 meters of Velcro on e-bay would come in useful – so far we have used 3cm - Stephen.


In the evening we had a Pam-Ann party. Enough said.


Anne here – I better explain about the Pam-Ann party before anyone thinks the worst….we watched a DVD with Pyxis called Pam-Ann – she is a stand up comic that performs airline jokes mostly to aircrew. It was very funny, very rude and poked fun at all the airlines, but mostly Easy Jet.