Hammamet: Wine Tasting at the Vineyard

Stephen & Anne
Tue 20 Jul 2010 15:36

36.22.388N 10.32.741E


Hello – its Yoyo here. First of all I want everyone to know it is very hot usually mid 30’s. Me and Koshka wake up at 5am, wake up mum and dad to let us out and then we have a stroll around the deck. By 6am its all too much and we go back to bed for the day. Sleeping is quite difficult; Koshka usually goes for the galley floor (he says it’s the coolest part of the boat) and I just move around hoping the next spot will be cooler. Mum and dad are putting water on the back of our necks to keep us cool. Now cats don’t normally like water but we are making a special exception just now. Around 8pm it all cools down and we go outside again. Koshka loves the sprayhood while I sit right at the bow of the boat watching the world go by.


After mum and dads long day out on Wednesday (which we slept through), they had a very quiet day on Thursday not doing much apart from sorting out the photos.


On Friday they were determined to disturb our daytime sleep. They fixed the fuel sensor on the port diesel tank so they know how long the “noisy thing” will keep going for. They then drilled a hole in the diesel tank and fitted the pick up pipe for the diesel filtration system. It only required a very minor adjustment to fit; they were very pleased with the metal work shop guys. Of course the big test is the leak test when they fill the tanks.


Friday nights stroll was somewhat delayed as mum and dad headed out to the bar to socialize with other sailors here in Hammamet. They didn’t get back until midnight so our run out was quite short.


On Saturday mum and dad went to the wood work shop. They came back very excited with a new table and tuna holder…sorry drinks holder…my mind was drifting again to thoughts of tuna. They had everything hand made with fancy joints and carvings for £60 – obviously this leaves more money for tuna so I’m happy too. They do need to varnish it all first before using it.


In the evening they bought some entertainment around called Martin & Julie. Koshka ignored them but I played my party trick and managed to steal some tuna snacks mum and dad made for them.


Sunday was extra hot so no-one did very much. Mum and Dad bought a Tunisian SIM card. Unfortunately on Sunday the Tunisian mobile phone network was down. For a while I thought they had used my tuna budget for nothing.


On Monday Mum & Dad disappeared about lunch time. Dad came back about 6pm to give us a run out. They had been out “Wine Tasting”. One of the local wineries does wine tastings. Jo had arranged for a group from the marina to go for lunch. For 20TD (£10) per person, they got transport to and from the vineyard, lunch and as much wine as they could drink. Apparently they tried quite a few wines. They weren’t too keen on the white wines, but the red wines were good, especially the “Grand Patron Reserve”. The food was local Tunisian food and was excellent, especially the red pepper, tomato, cucumber salad with mint and lemon. Before lunch they were given a tour. After lunch there were liquors and local champagne to taste. The vineyard is diversifying and produces Liquors and olive oil. Needless to say Mum and Dad were very “merry’ when they got back. Unfortunately some of my tuna budget has been spent on a case of wine. 


Below is a picture of dad picking up the drinks holder from the wood working shop, the vineyard proves wine does grow on trees, barrels that must contain tuna (!) and a picture of everyone quite drunk after the meal.

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