Not Much to Say

Stephen & Anne
Thu 20 Jan 2011 08:59

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


It is now Thursday morning and we are struggling to do a blog each day as everything return to normal. The army has gone home, no more (that we are aware of) reports of looting, the locals say they sleep at night now instead of staying awake protecting property, supermarkets getting deliveries and nearly everyone back at work. There is still a curfew but it has eased and now starts at 8pm.


Demonstrations are still happening in Tunisia and the government seems to change daily so things are still politically a little unstable – but we are amazed at how stable and normal everyday life is considering it has only been one week since it all started. Every Tunisian we speak to wants a stable country (albeit with a new non corrupt government).


Not much to say really so we will only blog again when we have some news.