Cameret Sur Mer

Stephen & Anne
Fri 21 Sep 2007 19:14

48:16.75N 4:35.36W


Yesterday was an ultra chill out day, especially as Stephen wasn’t feeling too well. We spent the day reading books and nothing else (hence no blog and not even any wine!)


Stephen was better today so we went diving in the bilges again. We needed to clean them out totally so we could work out where the drips are coming from. We have narrowed it down to either the stern gland (needs tightening more) or the exhaust silencer (seal leaking). We’ll do some more tests tomorrow.


We moved berth to a quieter location in the marina today – Koshka prefers it as he was on deck most of the morning. Yoyo absolutely loves the boat and everything around it – she’s desperate not to sleep in case she misses anything but she can’t help it. After a quick cat nap she is up and about again working out how to go for a longer walk on the pontoon!!


We finally found the main supermarket today (by accident) it was the one part of the village we hadn’t explored as we thought there was nothing there – a lesson learnt for other places. We caused chaos at the checkout as we hadn’t weighed our veg.


We’ve analyzed the weather and it looks like the middle of next week before we can even think about leaving to cross the bay. Hence we will be here for a while spending time working on the boat and relaxing. Maybe we should look round the village even more closely – what else have we missed? .