Panormittis, Symi -> Bozburun, Turkey

Stephen & Anne
Tue 6 Jun 2017 06:15

36.41.406N 28.02.480E


We decided it was time to head for Turkey. We made the short passage of 19 nm from Symi to Bozburun.


Changing the courtesy flag as we entered Turkish Waters


We had to go into the small harbor to check in. Which meant the dreaded med mooring, dropping the anchor while reversing into a space. It took us a few attempts to get into the space and we knew we had crossed anchor chain with the boat next door. They were not happy with us, but we apologized and  pointed out we had no choice without a bow thruster and we would make sure we left before them, so it shouldn’t be a problem. They were fine with this. We have found being apologetic and friendly gets a positive response from most people.


We then went ashore to find an agent to check us in. This was all done very efficiently. The only slight problem was us not listening to directions well enough  and ending up in the passport office rather than the harbor office (they are opposite ends of the sea front).


Once we were all checked in we decided to head out to anchor, it was too hot in the harbor.


As we circled the bay looking for a spot to anchor we went past Ron Glas (Sally and Tony) and invited them over for drinks that evening. We had a lovely evening with a few drinks, playing the keyboard and have a sing song.


Sing song with Sally and Tony


Bozburun from the anchorage