Viana do Castelo to Leixoes (Porto)

Stephen & Anne
Sat 13 Oct 2007 22:56

41:11.172N 8:42.338W


Yesterday was another beautiful day in Viana.


Stephen decided he was going to cook for our friends Chris & Jen. We headed off early (well 10 am is early for us now) to try and find the market to get fresh veg. The tourist office pointed us in the right direction. Once we got there we realised that although it was a large market the stalls were mainly linens. There were some beautiful table clothes – but all too large for the table on the boat. We found the one produce stall and bought a few bits. We then headed back into town to the supermarket. Trying to find whipping cream proved quite interesting. Armed with the phrase book and looking for pictures of cream we managed to get 2 different sorts (just in case the fresh sort wasn’t right).


After our long walk we headed back to the boat to start preparing for the evening. Stephen started by making bread. The bread maker just about coped, it is starting to

sound rather ill. We’re not sure if it is complaining about the Biscay crossing or if the power supply was a bit funny. Anne decided she wanted in on the act, so made a

rice salad while Stephen went back into town to get some local wines and Ports.


We had a lovely evening with Jen & Chris. Starting off with White port, with fresh bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We then moved on to the local White wine. The

main course was pesto rice salad, tomato salad and gallettes with tomato and goats cheese or mozzarella cheese, with a local red wine. Dessert was an alcoholic lemon

syllabub, followed by Tawny port. The evening finished quite early as we are planning to sail tomorrow and we need to leave by 9.30am


As usual Yoyo was sociable as ever, sitting on the sofa at the table, we think she was waiting for the fish course. After being stroked by Chris, Koshka retired early to the

bedroom and hid there all evening.


Today we sailed from Viana to Leixoes near Porto.


The sail was quiet apart from the usual lobster pot dodging and a close pass by from the Portuguese maritime police while we were sailing. They seemed mainly

interested if we had any weapons on board.


This evening we went to Porto by tram. The place was amazing. We’ll upload some photos later.