Lagos: Cockpit Cushions V1.0

Stephen & Anne
Fri 14 Dec 2007 09:53

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Once again it was a warm sunny day.


Stephen has his debut as the Net controller today. This is the VHF channel 77 information call. Plenty of people joined in and Stephen did a really good job, announcing all the events and reading the weather. He even introduced a new feature, the Wandering Dragon Christmas Quiz. He plans to have one question per broadcast to ensure everyone listens to all the broadcasts – something about listener retention! Stephen has promised each question will be more fiendish than the last one. A certain boat who shall remain nameless (lets call it Pyxis for the sake of convenience), applied some signage to our boat labeling us the “Net Group Operations Centre”. Hmmm  this reminds me of work just a little bit too much!


After this Anne went into town to find a hairdresser. She found an English lady and will be having her hair cut on Monday.  Stephen meanwhile has been running around the boat chasing Anne with the hair clippers and scissors saying “I’ll love you no matter what you look like!”


We then borrowed Richard and Karen’s hire car to go to the DIY centre for a few bits and then to the supermarket to stock up on heavy items (water, wine and cat litter!).


Anne then continued on the Cockpit cushions making a few design changes that involved more stitching on the sewing machine.


Stephen went off to find the Orphanage to hand over the Carol singing money. Portuguese bureaucracy meant he had to count all the money in front of them so they could give him a receipt. Next time its notes only and no coins! The final total was 270.13 euros. We photocopied the receipt and placed it on the notice board with a thank you message to everyone in the marina.


We then had a quiet evening in once again playing Scrabble and watching a DVD. I think we are ready for a rematch with Pyxis soon. Only when we win can they leave Lagos. As we don’t want them to leave, we always loose J


Finally a picture of the curtains, one open and one closed.

They are designed so no material hangs over the windows so we can still get as much light in as possible.