Lagos: Curtions XP SP3

Stephen & Anne
Thu 6 Dec 2007 08:57

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today was a washing day – the great thing about Lagos is that most days its warm and sunny so the washing dries really quickly, today was no exception.


Once the washing was hanging on the line we returned our efforts to the curtains. The replacement curtains and the prototype for the front windows were sewn. Then we installed the front curtain – this was going to be the tricky one with hinges etc. However we were now experts – it fitted perfectly first time!


Stephen’s hair was getting long and so soon after the last cut – maybe it was because he ran away last time before Anne finished. While Stephen was not looking, Anne sneaked up behind him, tied him down and cut his hair. After much screaming and shouting, it was slightly shorter this time. Maybe next time he will keep still and quiet and let Anne do it properly.


In the evening we practiced the fire evacuation drill. When the smoke alarm went off the cats instinctively knew to abandon boat and left quickly. Meanwhile Stephen realised it was the tea burning that set off the alarm. We need to relocate the alarm away from the kitchen.


This evening we had a quiet evening in playing scrabble and watched a DVD.


Koshka & Yoyo had a quiet day sleeping or sunning themselves on the deck (apart from when they were disturbed by the very loud fire alarm).