Corfu Town -> Two Rock Bay ...oops we sailed on to Preveza

Stephen & Anne
Sat 29 Jun 2013 09:06

38.54.941N 20.45.664E


We set off from Corfu town a little later than planned. But this was not a problem as we planned a short hop of 40 nm to one of the bays near Parga on the mainland. We were hoping to anchor in Two Rock Bay, Thala visited there and from their blog it sounded idealistic. We had to motor down Corfu as the wind was less than 1 knot. We wished for stronger winds so we could sail. Never wish for stronger winds!


After leaving the south of Corfu island we got our wish – the wind increased.. The sails went up and we were happy – it wasn’t a comfortable sail due to the waves being nearly beam on. Then the wind gods decided to deliver the wish of stronger winds in ample amounts. Soon we had F6 winds and 2 to 3 meter waves at a high frequency. We now had to “batten down the hatches” (close them as they were left open during the quiet motor), put on coats and life jackets and clip on. Yoyo found the most comfortable spot on our new cushions in the cockpit and curled up and slept for the uncomfortable ride. .


We soon passed the point where we needed to turn to get to Two Rock bay. Given the direction of wind and waves we decided that it might not be a comfortable place for the night. We also thought that getting out of the bay again if it was not suitable would be very uncomfortable and a difficult sail – so we decided to carry on our course down to Preveza. Our thinking was that the wind should ease late afternoon and so by the time we got to Preveza things would have settled.


After a very rolly afternoon (and to be fair a good sail at 6 to 7 knts) we approached Preveza about 7pm – the wind was still blowing F6. We were a little concerned about negotiating the narrow channel into Preveza in the high seas and winds. Luckily it all went well. In fact another boat decided to follow us in. They had sailed past the channel and we think they had decided not to risk the entrance but changed their minds when they saw us going in.


Once in the bay the sea was calm, although the winds were still strong. Our anchor set first time and with plenty of chain down we were settled for the night. Yoyo did her usual demanding of tuna as soon as the engine was switched off – this time she deserved it as she was not sick in the rough seas.


It was an early night for all of us after a rather exhausting day.