Stephen & Anne
Mon 10 Sep 2007 20:11

50:48.644N 00:06.218W


Today was spent planning the passage to Plymouth and more paperwork (we are slowly managing to cast off our “old” lives, but it is difficult when you phone up for the refund you are owed and the person on the other end of the phone says “but it’s only £8, do you really want us to send a cheque?”).


We then went shopping for some food (utilizing our trolley to help with the heavier items), came back, did a huge sort out of the food already on board and decided that we don’t need to shop for the rest of the year (and definitely did not need to food shop this morning!).


We had a good play with the navigation instruments to ensure we knew how to use all their features. We finally figured out why our charger was shutting down (the marina was sending out 259V so it shut down to protect itself).


We fed the cats half a tin of tuna. Yoyo then sneaked into the cupboard and started to eat the other half tin of Tuna, so the cats ended up eating the whole tin!