Kassiopi -> Gouvia (at anchor)

Stephen & Anne
Mon 24 Jun 2013 13:52

39.39.704N 19.51.366E


We had a lazy morning at anchor in the bay just east of Kassiopi. We were really enjoying the peace and quiet until we were disturbed by a flock of swallows that decide Wanda was the perfect place to play. They spent quite a while swooping alongside the boat and resting in the rigging. Fortunately Yoyo was asleep…presumably dreaming about birds playing on the boat J



The Swallows having a rest in the rigging.


About 11 am we set off towards Gouvia. We had about 10 knots of wind and managed to sail at about 4 knots. Yes proper sailing – with no engine J Unfortunately the wind soon dropped and we had to motor.


We arrived at the bay just outside Gouvia marina and dropped the anchor. Unfortunately we got a patch of weed on our first attempt – so after raising the anchor and cleaning off the weed we tried again and it set. Lucy and Anne went for a swim to cool off and decided to try and give the hull a bit of a clean.  It took us a while to get the right equipment and Stephen was starting to get fed up hearing a tapping on the hull every time we wanted something else bought to us. We spent an hour cleaning the Starboard side.



Lucy and Anne almost kitted out for hull cleaning. Snorkels were added and made the whole process much easier.


We had a quiet evening playing cribbage and watching the comings and goings in the anchorage.


Sunday – Stephen and Lucy went ashore to find out what was open. The answer was not very much apart from the café bars so they had drinks, fresh fruit and ice cream. Anne gave the boat a quick clean inside.



Lucy and Stephen returning from their trip ashore.


After lunch Lucy and Anne got kitted up to clean the port side of Wanda. Well we were worried we might go round in circles if we only had one clean side!! They seem to have got the hang of it this time as it didn’t take as long to clean.


After a rest in the afternoon we were all just thinking about going for another swim when the wind picked up.  For the next few hours we had someone on watch. The wind was very gusty from all directions. Going from almost nothing to a gust of 20 to 30 knots (we registered a high of 35 knots) All the boats were swinging all over the place. Although we knew our anchor was set we kept a watch to make sure we didn’t drag or someone else did not drag into us. There were quite a lot of boats arriving at the anchorage and attempting to anchor, unfortunately some of them failed to set their anchor and dragged over other boats anchors which then meant there were two boats “on the move”.


We managed to get our evening meal cooked during the storm, which we ate on deck. Unfortunately the  parmesan cheese on top of the plate got blown away.


We did take some comfort from the Coast Guard boat coming and checking the bay towards the end of the storm (they had been out earlier but we don’t know where they went).


After about three hours the gusts eased and the wind changed direction totally. Of course it changed so that it was blowing into the bay and causing swell. We decided that we were safe unless the wind picked up any more so headed off to bed. The wind eased off and we got a reasonable night’s sleep.