Lagos: Curtains XP

Stephen & Anne
Mon 3 Dec 2007 08:59

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today we actually completed a curtain that worked and doesn’t need remaking! We’ve now (hopefully) learnt all the little tricks such as how not to pull threads when passing a screw through material, sewing curves without crinkles and cutting the batons to the correct length so they allow curves at the corners to work. Tomorrow we start the production line going in earnest.


We also received advice (thanks to Tom) on the mizzen stay sail – ignore the previous photo as its wrong. We need to play again when the wind is in the right direction and then go for a sail.


Yoyo made friends with the boatyard cleaning crew. They spend all day polishing paw print off the boat next to us. Yoyo and Koshka spend all night putting said paw prints back on the boat J


Karen and Richard have managed to persuade the marina that their boat is over 45 foot and hence deserved to be moved onto the big boat pontoon a few boats down from us. Comments such as “Does my boat look big in the berth” were abound. There was some excuse of moving berths as it was more convenient for a friend they are having visit next week. Clearly the real reason is to spy on us practicing scrabble.


We had a quiet evening in playing scrabble ready for the rematch.