Stephen & Anne
Sun 2 Mar 2008 19:45

37:04.630N 8:07.268W


Today was once again warm and sunny (Stephen would say it was hot, but there was a bit of breeze so Anne found it only warm). Stephen spent most of the day telling Anne to take of her jacket! Anne spent most of the day putting it back on when Stephen wasn’t watching.


We carried on with the laundry making the most of the good drying weather.


Stephen was concerned about the tank readings on the diesel and on further investigation we have found we have water in our diesel. As it was Sunday we decided to wait until tomorrow to sort it out in case we need any “professional” help. We have a number of theories about how the water got in the tanks, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever prove any. At least we found it before we had real problems with the engine.


We then started on some deck repairs replacing some teak plugs. We also calibrated the anchor computer so that it can tell us how much chain we have out.


Planning our route for the next year started in earnest today. Our high level plan was to winter in Turkey. However we were informed by one web site that you can only bring one pet into Turkey. As we love both our cats equally, this was going to mess up our plans. However after researching on the Turkish Consular web site, we discovered its one pet each. We now need to decide which cat belongs to which person! We also need to make sure we don’t adopt any strays on the way.


Tonight was a meal starting to use all the ingredients that need eating soonest after our big food sort out yesterday.