Cagliari: Wandering Dragon Pizza Emporium

Stephen & Anne
Fri 14 Nov 2008 23:32

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


On Saturday we went to the airport to “meet and greet” Richard and Karen from Pyxis who were flying back. We took Bethany with us and explored the bus to the airport. Anne’s Italian improved enough to ask for the times and price and we managed to catch the correct bus. In the evening we cooked everyone a simple meal of pasta and home made red pesto. We have also found one (dis)advantage of this marina, there is a local Italian man who delivers wine to your boat - 5 litres for 8 euros (well 7 euros by the time we had bartered the price down).


Sunday morning was washing day. We washed the large sheets in the washing machine and the rest of the clothes by hand as a compromise to save some money. The afternoon was spent with Bethany and Bryn, the children from Cape. Stephen made chocolate fudge with the while Anne taught them about Microsoft excel. We then all watched the film Evan Almighty – very loosely based on Noah’s Ark so sort of educational.


This week has been one of shopping for food, doing some maintenance on the tender and starting to remake the bimini.


On Tuesday evening we were invited over to Koa for a Thai fish curry – it really was good especially considering we don’t normally eat curries. .


Friday night culminated in the opening of the Wandering Dragon Pizza Emporium for one night only. Stephen & Anne set a homework task for the children on Cape to create a special pizza each and then design the menu for the evening. In the afternoon the children made the pizza dough and prepared all the ingredients ready to take the orders from the customers (Dave & Sarah – the parents from Cape and Richard & Karen from Pyxis). The house speciality was Yoyo’s special – it mostly involved tuna, extra tuna and more tuna. Being children they naturally introduced a charge for each pizza and therefore made some extra pocket money.