Corfu Town: Life at Anchor

Stephen & Anne
Mon 17 Jun 2013 07:40

39.36.828N 19.55.545E


On Friday we left our berth in Gouvia marina, topped up the fuel tanks with 200 litres of fuel and headed south. OK so we didn’t go far – it was only 6nm south to Corfu Town.



The “new” fort in Corfu town


We anchored just south of the old fort. It’s quite a pleasant anchorage, although finding a patch of sand in among the weed can be a bit tricky. On our 3rd attempt the anchor set.



View from up the mast


The anchorage is prone to wash from passing vessels so can get a bit rolly at times. We have been having some trouble with our steaming light – so Anne had to go up the mast again to see if we could fix the problem.


On Saturday we went ashore to find the supermarkets and the airport. We found  the airport no problem (just watch for planes coming into land and head in that direction!!) We were told there was a Lidl nearby just past the airport- so we carried on to try and find it. After walking for a while and not finding the store we asked directions, we’d managed to take the wrong road and of course ended up walking too far. We were soon on the right track and found the store.


Sundowners were courtesy of Lis and Flemming (Summertime) who we met over winter in Marina di Ragusa.


Sunday was a quiet day on board, finding out why the water pressure onboard was low. We found that the accumulator has a leak and so is no longer working. Luckily this is not too much of a problem it just means the water pump has to work a bit harder and we can get sudden changes in water pressure. When we find somewhere selling accumulators we will get a replacement.


We are back to playing our favourite game – “zap the mossies with electric bats” – we are not sure who is winning us or the mossies.



View from our boat at anchor