Monastir -> Hammamet

Stephen & Anne
Mon 15 Aug 2011 15:37

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


On Monday morning we were up bright and early to get ready to be launched. We didn’t quite manage to get everything done before the crane was approaching. Given health and safety is not a top priority in Tunisia, Anne stayed on the boat getting things ready while we were lifted in the crane. Stephen was below checking all the strops were in the correct places. Stephen then quickly climbed onboard once the weight of Wanda was taken up by the crane. We then had the same experience as the cats of being maneuvered into the water onboard Wanda. The large crane takes things slowly and by 10 am we were once again afloat and on our way back to Hammamet.


Once out of the harbour we got the mizzen sail up then unfurled the Genoa. For the first half of the journey we had a lovely motor sail. The wind gradually increased, but unfortunately this meant we got confused seas so the sail became a bit more uncomfortable. With Wanda having a clean bottom we managed over 9 knots through the water. Unfortunately we had some current against us so our speed over ground was only 7 knots. We even managed to switch off the engine for a while and actually sailed!!


The cats unfortunately had a bad time having spent two weeks stationary and then straight into a sail. Koshka was sea sick and Yoyo was stressed, although stroking here constantly calmed her down.


At 5pm we arrived in Hammamet. We were greeted by one of the marinaros in a rib at the marina entrance. He recognized us and told us we had a “nouvelle place”. He then took us straight to our new berth, which was great as we didn’t have to moor up at the visitors pontoon then maneuver again later. Once our lines were secure the marinaro took our paperwork over to the office – so we didn’t even need to leave the boat that evening.


The cats took a little longer to recover this time – but by 6pm Yoyo had already jumped ship to explore the boat next door (or was she looking for an escape route?!!). Later in the evening (just as we were thinking it was time to go to bed) both cats took an unusual interest in the food cupboard. We know it’s where the tuna is kept but they don’t normally go and try to help themselves. Upon investigation we found a flying cockroach exploring the food containers. Of course he disappeared rather quickly which meant only one thing - we had to empty the cupboard. We finally found him under the last jar removed and he was duly dispatched to cockroach heaven.


Crane driver gives us a thumbs up – shame Stephen took a picture with a shroud in his face!