Port Kastos, Kastos -> Spartakhori, Meganisi

Stephen & Anne
Thu 25 Jul 2013 08:18

38.39.664N 20.45.620E


Much as we loved Kastos we decided it was time to move on again – so we headed back North to Spartakhori. We set off ahead of Pyxis as we wanted to run our watermaker on the way and we can only motor at 3 knots when we make water. As we left Kastos picking up the anchor was quite easy as the water is so clear we could easily see the chain. Soon after we rounded the bottom of the island we saw Pyxis gaining on us fast. They overtook us and then a little while later they radioed us to say they would be stopping to go for a swim. In the deep channel between the island Karen and Richard trailed a line off the back of Pyxis and jumped in the water. It was rather strange slowly motoring past them while Pyxis was bobbing around with Karen and Richard in the water.


We then went to Spartakhori. The bay here is rather deep until very close to the shore – so not very good for anchoring. We were heading to one of the Taverna quays where they have Slime lines (lines that are attached to concrete blocks in the sea – when they are not in use they lie on the sea bed and so get rather slimey hence the name most cruisers use). We were given a spot not too close to the shore luckily as it looked rather daunting being a few meters from shore even though the water is very deep. Once we were in our spot and safely tied up we both jumped into the crystal clear water from the back of the boat to cool off.


Later in the afternoon we went off to walk into town – which was uphill.  


View from town down on the port. Wanda is on the right hand side – second one from the trees!!


The town was rather pretty with lots of vines creating shade.



View out of the bay.


One of the unwritten rules about using a Taverna quay is that you eat in the Taverna that evening – well it just had to be done. The Taverna also provide free water, electricity and wifi so its not a bad deal. Our table was right at the waters edge.


Anne & Karen at the dinner table – by the crystal clear water.

View after dinner.


There were boats either side of us – but no one next to them – so having warned our neighbours about Yoyo we decided to let her have free roam overnight. At 6 am she decided to poke her head into Karen and Richards hatch to say good morning J