Crotone: Wandering Dragon Makeover Complete!

Stephen & Anne
Sun 7 Aug 2016 12:13

39.04.797N 17.08.281E


We were now getting excited. Wandering Dragon looked good in white.


After the weekend Fabio was back sanding once again. This time he was using pencil to see where he had been and marking any imperfections he noticed.. He then filled these with filler or “stucco” (the Italian for filler).


Wandering Dragon looks like she has caught some nasty disease.


After the filling there was even more sanding. The turquoise filler nearly all disappeared. They were tiny imperfections.


Saturday we were woken early with the smell of alcohol. Fabio was ready to paint the boat and was degreasing the hull.


When I say early it was sunrise early.


Fabio painting the hull.


We thought Wandering Dragon looked really good with the matt primer, once we saw the shiny top coat we were even more impressed.


Fabio and Antonio tired but happy after painting Wanda.


We thought after painting Wanda the hard work had been done, this was not the case. We then had the job of varnishing the toe rail (the wood around the deck) and re fitting all the bits that had been taken off for painting. The hardest job of all was deciding where the Wanda Dragon logos should go and what size stripe we should have, if any at all. Everyone we asked had different ideas.


While we were working on the finishing touches we decided to have a day out. So we headed up to Ciro Marina, where we visited one of the winery’s. We “provisioned” the boat just in case Italy was the only place in the world that sells wine J


Zito winery.


The Italian Navy visited Crotone. They have two tall ships in their fleet, this is one of them.


Tall ship Palinuro, is used as a training ship for the Italian Navy.


When we took off our man overboard sling, the bag literally fell apart. Anne had the job of making a replacement bag.


The old bag and the new bag (the old bag is the yellow one, not Anne)


Two weeks after painting we were ready to go back in the water.


Back over the fence


…. and into the water.



Wandering Dragons new look complete J