Lagos: Polishing the boat

Stephen & Anne
Tue 29 Jan 2008 22:40

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today Mum and Dad had a “Free day” so they could do what they wanted to do.


They popped round for coffee in the morning bearing a Portuguese custard tart each. These custard tarts are delicious. They are made with puff pastry a custard filling and then a caramel top. They don’t look much but they really are delicious (I know I’ve already said that twice but they are yummy)


Stephen & Anne did various jobs around the boat in the morning - Cleaning up, laundry, varnishing the cockpit table and taking apart and cleaning the hatch handles which were getting difficult to use due to the dirt. In the afternoon Stephen went out to the DIY stores for some bits for the shower. Anne stayed on the boat and carried on polishing the GRP (the white plastic bits for those not so boaty people) It’s amazing how much we have on Wanda!!


Stephen has been trying for a few weeks to buy a new washer to stop the tap dripping in the aft heads (bathroom). He finally gave up and made one by cutting down a larger one to the correct size. Another new skill for his CV!


This evening we went round to Mum & Dads for dinner again. Tonight was Prawns with Cream, garlic and coriander, once again it was a lovely dinner.