Lagos: Market Day again!

Stephen & Anne
Sat 26 Jan 2008 22:10

Today being Saturday it was time to take the parents around the local market. We did think of buying a chicken to run around their hotel room but decided it would only end up back on our boat. It was as lively and fresh as ever, and reminded us that shopping is so much more fun than in Tesco!


After the market visit we gave mum and dad a free day (ie we needed some time alone as well!).


They spent the day exploring Lagos and the beach. We started on a few more jobs around the boat. We removed and sanded down the cockpit table ready to start varnishing. Stephen then did a fun job of polishing the stainless steel on the bow of the boat. (No seriously he really likes polishing so if he thinks its fun and no-one tells him otherwise….)


In the evening we all went out for another typical Portuguese meal……at an Italian. Ah well


Oh…the weather is still bright blue skies and sunny!