Stephen & Anne
Mon 12 Nov 2007 19:42

37:57.046N 8:51.979W


Today we spent the day in Sines (pronounced “cinch” – no wonder we can’t get a grip on the Portuguese language!)


First thing we did a few boat chores; the laundry and washing the decks. We then plotted the route to Lagos which will mean a 4am start so we can arrive in daylight (you see its not all party party party!). The facilities here are brilliant – all new with granite and very intelligent showers (we’ll leave you to guess how to make a shower intelligent!).


Once the chores were done we headed into Sines. This is the birthplace of Vasco da Gama who found the route to India via the Cape of Good Hope. We don’t think we’ll be going that way but who knows!!


Sines is quite a pretty little town but very small. A statue of Vasco do Gama, a Church, a castle (which was closed) and Tourist information which had free internet.


Yoyo is back to her normal curious self again.


Its still shorts and T–shirt weather for Stephen but Anne is now in long trousers as its cooling down now.



Vasco da Gama and some other Guy in bright blue Crocs