Almerimar: El Ejido

Stephen & Anne
Sat 3 May 2008 23:26

36:41.855N 2:47.546W


This morning we got up and headed out to find the bus stop. We had been told there was a bus stop on the road behind the boat – but we couldn’t see it so we decided to walk to the main road to be on the safe side. Just as we approached the main road a bus pulled up and stopped – so with a bit of a run and waving arms we managed to catch the driver’s attention so he waited for us. We were heading to the nearest town of El Ejido.


Once there we went for a walk round town. The town was a more modern town than we have been used to and seemed to be mainly clothes and shoe shops. There was a pottery exhibition on in the main square. After a walk and a coffee we headed off to the DIY store we had seen on our way into town on the bus. We need some wood to make a support for the paserelle (gang plank) for the front of the boat. We decided we need to measure carefully what we need, so we will have to take the bus into town another day.


We then walked back to the bus station, just before the bus station we saw our bus heading towards us. As they run every 45 minutes we waved frantically once again. Luckily the bus driver stopped for us and let us on, even though it wasn’t an official bus stop. We decided to stop off at the out of town shopping mall. There was a tourist information office at the shopping mall so we went in. The man was very helpful and enthusiastic, giving us information on Granada and other places around. We came away with stacks of leaflets, a diary each and a cotton bag.


After a mooch around the shops we went back to the bus stop. This time we had to wait for a bus. Once back in Almerimar we had an easy afternoon. We went for a walk around Almerimar finding the other beach and more chandleries (luckily they were closed – Anne). We popped in to say hello to Rafiki.


This evening we had dinner on deck. We went to bed around midnight with the sound of a children’s (8-10 yr olds) party still in full swing.



The Marina office – although the weather looks grey it is in fact quite warm.