Crotone: Wandering Dragon Makeover Part 2

Stephen & Anne
Sun 7 Aug 2016 10:24

39.04.797N 17.08.281E


Luckily the unexpected rain did not damage the coppercoat. A day or so later we were able to apply the coppercoat to the starboard side. The coppercoat is now almost complete, just the ruder and under the stands to do.


On the afternoon of the Wednesday 22nd June Fabio arrived to start sanding Wanda's hull in preparation for repainting.



Fabio just about to start sanding. The black dust helps him see where he has sanded and not sanded.



After a day and a half he had almost completed the  port side. We got excited that things were moving fast.



Wanda’s port side sanded.


However after the results of the Brexit vote, no sign of Fabio. We were concerned that the UK leaving the EU was causing immediate work relation problems.  After negotiating with the boat yard owner we got Fabio back on the Monday. In reality he had some other work to finish off and so was unable to work on our boat.


Fabio worked hard over the week sanding and filling Wanda's hull to get it as smooth as he could. On Friday evening we were taped up and ready for the primer to be sprayed.



First Wanda was wrapped in plastic



Totally wrapped in plastic



Fabio starts spraying



Hope there is enough primer



Wanda with the primer on, she looks better already. 


While Fabio has been sanding we have been doing a variety of jobs, polishing the stainless steel, removing the bathing platform so Fabio could paint the stern, painting the non-slip deck, cleaning the toilet pipes and servicing the seacocks.