Vilamoura: Malcolm & Pat

Stephen & Anne
Fri 7 Mar 2008 19:25

37:04.630N 8:07.268W


Friday was a day of preparation for moving on. We did some laundry - it was another great drying day. Stephen then sanded some repairs he had done the other day. He went off to the supermarket while Anne made sure everything was stowed away.


During the morning we had a phone call from Malcolm & Pat. They are staying in Alberfureia for a couple of weeks and wanted to come and visit us. Malcolm & Pat very good friends of Stephens family. They caught the bus and arrived in the afternoon along with their friends Ken & Mary. We all had a lovely afternoon sitting on the boat drinking G&T’s (well they did we don’t drink the day before we sail, especially when it involves an early start). Stephen did the usual tour of the boat for them. Why is it even though we say there is a charge for the tour of the boat no one ever pays up?


Once they had gone we had a quiet evening and an early night.