Gibraltar: The Tunnels

Stephen & Anne
Fri 11 Apr 2008 22:55

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Today we took Nigel to see some of the sights of Gibraltar. We picked him up from his hotel and then went to get the number 2 bus. We waited at the bus stop as the number 4 and 3 buses arrived. They were the usual coach type buses. Eventually we worked out we must have arrived at the bus stop having narrowly missed the number 2 bus as they run every 20 minutes and we had to wait 20 minutes. Then our number 2 bus arrived – it was a small mini-bus. It was fairly full but luckily there were three seats left. Fairly soon after we set off we understood why it was a mini bus. It set off up the rock on narrow roads, made even narrower with cars parked on the sides. The bus stopped just below the Moorish castle. We walked up the short distance to our destination the World War II tunnels.


The WWII tunnels is a guided tour through a small section of the tunnels, which is good as there are around 30 miles of tunnels. The tunnels were excavated starting in the 18th century although most were excavated during WWII by the British and Canadian forces. The tunnels are still in use by the MOD.


In the afternoon we returned to the boat to let Nigel experience the bouncing boat in the marina. It wasn’t the highlight of his visit! We then went out for a meal and few drinks before leaving him back at his hotel.


The tunnels had 3 hospitals and housed 10000 troops and civilians.