Cameret Sur Mer

Stephen & Anne
Mon 17 Sep 2007 19:11

48:16.75N 4:35.36W


This morning was raining so we passage planned our way south across Biscay – however we now need to wait for a weather window which may take a while.


Eventually we started working in the bilges trying to work out where the water comes from. We think it was from the stern gland dripping too much. We also found out how our second bilge pump worked, found the main bilge pump clogged up in a one way valve and confirmed all the bilges link up except one. We now need to work out how to drain this area.


Anne (of slender arms) went fishing for debris in the bilges. She caught 3 bolts, 2 nuts, 3 washers and a few handfuls of sludge - but much to Yoyos disgust no Tuna.


Finally we rewarded our selves a trip to into town to try to find a one way valve (no such luck of course). However we did find a very nice bottle of Chablis.


Tonight we are falling about the boat – we are not sure if it’s the wine or the F5 winds blowing us.