Stephen & Anne
Fri 2 Nov 2007 15:48

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


Today we both felt a bit better, but decided we should take it easy to ensure full recovery. After lunch we headed over to the café’s (to get onto the internet). We spent an hour replying to emails and checking up on a few items we need to purchase, such as hatch covers with mosquito nets (the flys are starting to get annoying and Koshka and Yoyo appear to have lost their fly catching skill – maybe if we stop feeding them t-u-n-a they will be more hungry and eat the flys!)


In the afternoon Anne started sorting her sewing cupboard. While emptying it she found it had got wet and some of the contents needed drying. Luckily it was a lovely warm sunny day so we could put things on deck to dry.


We decided to have an early evening meal. Just after we had finished we heard our names being called. It was Kate & James returned from the UK. After they had dropped their bags off at their boat they came round for a quick drink (well Stephen & Kate had a drink. Anne decided she should stay off the alcohol and James is not old enough).


For James’s birthday they are going to the Aquarium in Lisbon a week on Sunday. On hearing this Stephen decided we should stay so he could go with them (Stephen loves aquariums and Anne doesn’t!!) So we may be staying here a bit longer