Sciacca: Is very hilly!!

Stephen & Anne
Thu 25 Aug 2011 19:01

37.30.251N 13.04.697E


Wednesday: We woke up feeling much more refreshed. After a leisurely breakfast we set off into town. The town of Sciacca sits on a hill overlooking the harbour. It came as quite a shock to climb a hill again. Hammamet is very, very flat, Sciacca is not!!! In the heat we needed a number of stops as we wound our way up the roads and steps into town.


Our main aim of our trip into town was to try and find a mobile phone shop so we could sort out internet connection while we are here in Italy. We found tourist information and went in to ask directions. The guy there was very helpful but he did not speak very good English. So when we asked for the mobile phone shop he told us about lots of vey nice places to visit! Armed with the largest town map ever (A2!) we set off to explore. We didn’t actually go into any of the numerous churches or palaces but we found our bearings and eventually the shops we wanted. At least going back to the boat was far easier – being down hill.


We had an easy afternoon. Well it is Sicily and siestas are taken very seriously. Early evening the couple from the boat next door came round for a drink. Jan and Lockhart are visiting friends on their motor cruiser but are very interested in cruising and had lots of questions. We had a lovely evening and discovered Yoyo rather likes Italian sausage!!



Thursday: We were up relatively early to head up the hill once again to actually buy our internet sim card (the shops had been rather busy yesterday). The hill hadn’t got any easier overnight!!! We were served by a very efficient young lady and with her limited English and our limited Italian we managed perfectly. Now we just have to wait overnight while it activates.


Once back at the boat, having stopped off at the very handily located supermarket, we cleaned the decks. This was a rather hot and sticky job. The temperature here is about the same as in Hammamet but without the breeze to help make it feel more comfortable.


After siesta we tackled a few small jobs before our evening meal.


We just realised it is Koshka’s birthday – he is 15 years old, quite an old cat really!! As a birthday treat he no longer smells of diesel and is now officially a cat again!


One of the gates of Sciacca




One of the little alley ways in the old town – or is it a moped garage?!!