Lagos: Curtains 3.0

Stephen & Anne
Sun 2 Dec 2007 08:30

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today we started on curtain #3. Well its really curtain #1 as the original #1 and #2 both need to be remade (remember we are perfectionists!).


After cutting out the template (twice), we worked out that Koshka was a useful paper weight to stop the paper curling while working on it (see picture).


Anne used her sewing machine and made the curtain. We were then both eager to install it. However we were kindly invited onto another Oyster for afternoon drinks and nibbles, how could we resists. When we arrived back at the boat we wisely decided the curtain making was on hold for the day as Anne didn’t want to be “drunk in charge of a sewing machine”.


Party invites are like buses. Hence we also went out tonight with Pyxis. They cooked us a lovely meal centered around a fondue. However they forgot to bring their fondue hence being clever sailors they had to improvise. We won’t tell you how they achieved this as it would spoil the surprise for when anyone else are next invited – but a small clue is that it involved a sandwich toaster.


Pudding was a brilliant upside down pineapple cake. Karen’s cooker failed mid way through cooking it so she had to hold in the gas button on the cooker in for the entire time it took to cook. Stephen, mindful of how dangerous fires are on boats, suggested we flambéed the said pudding. Naturally everyone agreed but we failed even after heating up the brandy. Still it was yummy with the extra lashings of brandy.


We didn’t actually tell Karen and Richard we were planning to play scrabble – in fact the first they knew was when Karen’s mum mentioned it to her in a phone call after reading our blog from yesterday. The girls won at scrabble. The boys thought it was an individual contest and hence felt particularly cheated!



Koshka is not happy he is being used as a paper weight during curtain making