Punta de La Avanzada (Mallorca)

Stephen & Anne
Mon 4 Aug 2008 08:25

39.54.171N 3.06.202E


URGENT NOTICE: Anne is not the Perfect ballast….Stephen is!!!


Anne decided that she needed to get the hang of using the dinghy, so after breakfast she got in the dinghy. It wasn’t long before she needed Stephen’s help to work out how to lower the outboard into the water. Once she’d sorted that out she did a few circuits of the boat to get the hang of steering. We then both went in the dinghy and back into town for food. This time Stephen sat up front. His extra weight leveled the boat and boy did we plane properly and go really fast. Anne was screaming and Stephen simply got wet! From now on Anne drives all the time!


We went around the local supermarket shopping and “drying off”. The supermarket was horrible. As it was closed yesterday all the change over tourists were doing their weekly shopping along with some locals. Must remember to avoid shopping at weekends in the future.


We securely tied the shopping bags up for the return journey – a good job too – we discovered how to flood the dingy -  Anne stops while Stephen is hanging off the front!


Eventually all shopping arrived dry and safe on board. Stephen and Anne dried out happy!