Puerto de Mahon (Menorca)

Stephen & Anne
Mon 11 Aug 2008 06:35

39.53.230N 4.17.118E


Today we completed all the jobs we needed before our next passage.


Top of the list was washing – it’s been 2 weeks since the last load so today was wash day. As the pontoon has water it made sense to do the washing while we have access to it. Stephen also prepared food for the passage.


The pontoon has done an impression of the Marie Celeste today – we are one of the only few boats left. Is there something we don’t know? Our Spanish friends told us that the Spanish leave for their holidays on the 1st of August – so maybe everyone is heading back to mainland Spain at the end of their holidays.


There are a couple of big motor yachts in the bay, unfortunately we can’t tell if any one famous is on board.


We spent a lot of time passage planning and looking at the weather for the passage to Sardinia. We nearly decided to go Monday morning but the winds have shifted and will be on the nose at 15+ knots, hence that idea is cancelled. Tuesday looks like a good day but it may change of course.


As they say “watch this space”!!