Stephen & Anne
Fri 9 May 2008 23:59

36:41.855N 2:47.546W


This morning the alarm woke us up at 7am, or was it the rain? Either way we were awake. We had planned to drive to Granada but with the heavy rain we decided not to go. Later on we found out that we could not have gone anyway – the roads out of Almerimar were flooded and impassable. After spending much of the morning thinking the rain had stopped only to hear it start again we decided it really had stopped and headed off to take the hire car back.


We also popped in to see the guys at the stainless steel shop to let them know that we would be here a bit longer so there was no rush to fit the new paserelle bracket. They had just decided it was a suitable break in the rain to come and fit the bracket – so we all headed off to Wandering Dragon. It didn’t take them long to fit the bracket. We now have the luxury of using the paserelle to get onboard from the bow as well as the stern. Pictures are below. Before it was a scramble onboard with the boat quite close to the quay side. We can now have the boat well back from the quay.


After lunch we went to see Mark on Rafiki. The wind started to pick up this afternoon and was soon blowing hard. We were glad we were in the marina. The kite surfers however were all out in force in the bay.



Today was too windy to sail…but it was perfect for the kite surfers


We had a new stainless steel bracket fitted to the bow today to make getting on/off easier when mooring Bow to


The bracket unbolts easily for when on passage