Lagos: Algarve Coast

Stephen & Anne
Sun 27 Jan 2008 22:22

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today we went for a drive along the coast. It was another beautiful sunny day


Our first stop was the DIY store just outside Lagos. Anne & Stephen were looking for new taps and shower fittings for the boat. The DIY store has a shoe outlet attached, so Mum went off shoe shopping, and successfully found a pair of boots. Our next stop was Alvor. We walked to the other side of the river at Alvor on boxing day but we had not actually been into Alvor. As we approached the town a small triangle of grass was being cut – by goats and sheep. We decided to take a photo on the way back – but rather typically they had gone by then. We had a drink and a quick bite to eat at a beach bar in Alvor. We then went to the fishing port and had a look at the anchorage. Pictures are below.


After Alvor we went to the DIY store in Portimao. We got there just in time – shops close at lunchtime on a Sunday. We managed to find a tap for the galley sink and a few more plumbing bits. From there we drove to Alberfeira. The drive was beautiful with the trees in blossom and grassy areas covered with yellow flowers. It really felt like spring was here.


In Alberfeira we had a drive around. As we got into the old town the roads got narrower and narrower and we got caught up in the one way system. We did think we might be lost in Alberfeira for ever – just driving round and round the same roads. Luckily we did find our way out and so we decided to park up and walk instead. The old part of Alberfeira was lovely – but the new areas full of tourist shops, bars and apartments were not so nice. I really don’t think we would like it there in the summer when it is full of British tourists.


We then headed back to Lagos on the motorway.


After a bit of a rest we cooked Mum and Dad dinner on board the boat.


        Beach at Alvor looking towards Lagos


  Sun dried Squid


  Alvor anchorage


 Blossom tree and a carpet of yellow flowers


Alberfeira rooftops


Alberfeira buildings




Doorway in Alberfeira                                                                              Church tower in Alberfeira