Denia: Carnival

Stephen & Anne
Sat 12 Jul 2008 23:51

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


After a week of not sleeping until 4am, Stephen finally persuaded Anne to go out and party until late, on the “if you can’t beat them join them” principle.


We started the evening by watching the parade. After the first hour we realised the parade would be quite long so we found a conveniently placed bar to watch from. The floats appeared to be themed on films and were very elaborately made. Each float had it’s own generator to provide lighting and music. They had people dancing in front and behind them as well as the odd brass band interspersed. We were actually really impressed with the quality of the floats – clearly a lot of work had gone into them.


We then went for a meal while we waited for the evenings entertainment to start.  


After our meal we went to see the live band. The warm up act were really good and we were just starting to bop about when they stopped. Unfortunately the main act was not so good so we left and walked down to the outdoor disco. It starts at midnight – we soon found it down by the quay side.


Anne didn’t’ want to dance – something about the average age of people there being 7. It didn’t seem any noisier than on the boat. Then we looked at the speakers – they were pointing directly at our boat! On the way back through town we couldn’t hear the Disco – even in the marina it was very faint – at the start of our pontoon it was faint, as we walked along to our berth we realised we were moored in the “sweet” spot – the place with the maximum noise! Tonight after a week of late nights and an evening out we collapsed into bed and slept despite the noise.


It’s the grand finale tomorrow night – we’ll be out again. Once we have recovered we can then think of sailing again next week.



Willy Wonka Chocolate factory float- the girl at the front had to eat sweets all night long!


Star wars theme float


A cowboy theme float – the adults dance & walk along side and the kids get to ride on the floats


The warm up act – they were better than the main band